FoodPackLab Collaborating Cluster: Welcome Pack4Food!

We are happy to officially present the second out of three chosen collaborating partners for FoodPackLab: Pack4Food.

As a collaboration platform between industrial stakeholders in food packaging and research institutes with broad expertise in food packaging, Pack4Food fits in perfectly as collaborating partnert in the FoodPackLab project. It was founded in 2005 as a spin off company of the University of Ghent and is based in Flanders (Belgium). Since 2011, Pack4Food became independent as a non-profit organization. Pack4Food is coordinating different research projects in Flanders concerning optimal barrier capacities for food packaging, intelligent packaging, biobased materials, etc.

Pack4Food is a consortium of 72 companies, the most important Flemish research centers active in the food-packaging interaction field and network organizations. It aims to stimulate innovation in food-packaging, both at the food producer and at their suppliers (packaging producers, filling machine producers, …), and also to support companies in their everyday packaging challenges.

Its aim is to translate scientific research results towards the industry. Therefore it organizes on regular basis intensive trainings for companies and provides bilateral advises to companies on food packaging innovations on top of supporting companies with the implementation of the scientific results within their production environment and it publishes regularly scientific or industrial papers.

A concrete example for a collective research project of Pack4Food is OptiBarrier, focusing on the search of optimal barrier properties of packages for selected food. They assess the central question of too much versus not enough packaging from the gas, light and functional barrier.
Are you interested in calculating your optimal barrier and knowing the maximum durability? Further details about OptiBarrier 
can be read here.

Find out more about the roadmap for innovative food packaging of the future, by having a look at Hedwige Verherbrugghen’s (Project Manager at Pack4Food) presentation at the FoodPackLab event in Barcelona in May 2019: click here.


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