Recursos Laser

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Technology: Lasers

Domain: Photonics

Recursos Laser is a company dedicated to sales of laser components, laser safety products and laser devices and machinery. Safety comes first, so let’s start with laser protection. A true speciality with safety goggles, barriers, windows, walls, curtains… for a wide range of lasers and power levels.

When it comes to laser components, Recursos Laser can deliver from the most basic diodes or laser modules to cutting edge sensors or even custom-made products to suit your needs. In the middle, a plethora of laser sources, different kinds of optics, devices for fibres, fibres themselves, sensors, photodiodes, photon counters… The catalogue ranges from UV to far IR.

Last, but by no means least, the latest addition in the portfolio: Laser systems, made in Germany. Blue Lasertools provides the means for manual welding, giving professional solutions for small series producers or delicate jobs which need a personal care.Acsys delivers state of the art laser devices for marking, 3D engraving, high-precision cutting or even welding materials such as metals, composites, plastics, organic… Bring an issue, get a high performance solution, custom made if needed.

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Country: Spain

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