Staff: 42

Technology: Sensors, Lasers

Domain: Photonics

As a company, we create prototypes for our clients as well as selling our know-how.

Our optical fiber solutions are implemented in three main areas:

1. Making our environment safer and smarter with the use of optical fiber sensors,

2. Broadening the application of fiber optics & fiber optics lasers,

3. Changing the image of telecommunication as it is today.

InPhoTech is constantly building its brand, as it is demonstrated by the range of awards we have been granted, including “The Polish market Revolutionary” and “The Initiator of Innovation” (Newsweek and PwC). Our fast development was spotted and recognized by Deloitte, including InPhoTech in the rankings “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2015″ and “Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2015″


– Distributed, quasi-distributed and punctual fiber optic sensors for measuring deformations, temperature, vibrations, pressure or presence of gases in hostile, remote and difficult access environments. Our sensors are used in heavy industry, energy or automotive, as well as in medicine or cosmetics.

– Special optical fibers, including microstructured fiber, polymer or special coatings (high temperatures, miniaturization, etc.). Our optical fiber manufacturing technology allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers, carrying out the complete process, from the design and modeling to the manufacture and testing of them.

– Telecommunications topology based on our multi-core fiber, increasing the capacities of current networks, thanks to our input / output devices (Fan In / Out) and the multi-core amplifiers that we have developed.


– Post-processing of optical fibers: Our competitive advantage is that we have a unique technology that allows us to treat our own optical fibers, or those of our customers, after the manufacturing process, customizing the characteristics of them according to each application.

– Innovation and assistance consulting in preparation of proposals for national, transnational and European projects.

– Advice on patents and intellectual property.

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Country: Poland
Phone: +48 22 378 48 91

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