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Muster Ventures

Staff: 2

Technology: Sensors, Lasers, Advanced Lighting, 3D Printing

Domain: Photonics

Muster Agency provides end to end strategic consulting services, all around the world, for all aspects of your company from roadmaps to understanding the new economics.

The global team at Muster Agency bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in marketing, technology, legal and capital raising to ensure a secure and successful business advice. We also work on several enterprise educational projects with enterprises and governments via seminars.

These seminars are for individuals or groups looking to understand not only the basics of new technologies but to dive deeper into the business applications and operational functionality for their business.

In the end, we offer a higher level, operational knowledge that help you understand the main concepts of your ecosystem. We also provide advice and consultancy on the regulatory and legal side. We can give you an operational understanding of applications and we can help you understand the latest innovative solutions being developed.

The Best Minds and Capital for Tech Driven Companies – We Support companies through 7 main levers:

1. Team Building – We provide a startup’s most important asset: Human capital. One of our goals is to ensure great people find the best place.

2. Operations – We enhance administrative, accounting, legal, and technological fields by offering Experts as a Service.

3. Perspective – We leverage your product strategy — defining scope, target market and competitive positioning. To provide strategic counselling and frank feedback.

4. Skill Building – Building the right skills, especially for senior management. We collected a portfolio of executives that lead world-class technology companies. We also use coaching as a key lever with our own team or through outside partners.

5. Customer Development – Identifying and gaining access to the right customers. We have relationships with large global corporations. We maintain a database of their needs — allowing us to identify early clients for your company.

6. Analysis – Knowing the right KPIs to track in a company is essential for its success. We help entrepreneurs measure, understand, and report their performance.

7. Network – Providing access to contact networks — particularly to other potential investors — is one of the cheapest and most value-added services an investor can provide. We organize events in our community and have regular meetings with accelerators, VCs and enterprise clients.

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Country: Spain

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