SME’s testimonies after the NAMPO Harvest Day in South Africa!

In May 2022, brought along SMEs in South Africa for the NAMPO Harvest Day! Some SMEs were interested to come in order to discover & connect with the south african agritech and foodtech network. The Harvest day lasted 4 days, each SME had the time to make connections on site.


UNFIA is the ‘Amazon’ of wine trading. A platform to directly connect craft wine producers and buyers with an automated supply chain avoiding intermediaries, trade barriers, and a very limited digitalization. UNFIA allows producers to gain easier access to the global markets, making larger revenues and higher profits, while buyers get higher selection and convenience, lower prices, and bigger price/quality. UNFIA makes the purchase process easier, faster, and cheaper performing on the behalf of the users the most time and cost consuming tasks such as document preparation, shipments set-up, legal and customs clearance, money collection from buyer and payments of taxes, fees, and duties.

Filippo Banzato, the co-founder and CEO of UNFIA was present on the fair to represent his company. UNFIA is a platform meant to connect wine producers and buyers with an automated supply chain avoiding trade barriers and intermediaries. UNFIA enable winemakers to enter the global markets selling wine online in a cost & efficient way, and consumers to buy craft wine in a radically simple way directly from wineries at low prices.

I am Filippo Banzato, co-founder and CEO of UNFIA. We are here thanks to Secpho and FoodPackLab here in NAMPO. We have found quite valuable partners we are trying to get to set up and build the ecosystem around the wine industry starting to connecting the producers with the buyers. Here we found many companies that are working towards technology and helping producers to digitalize, to stay up to speed with the innovations and technologies. So it was very interesting to see what Africa has to offer and see what we can do and to establish a partnership that can be valuable, and win-win situation for both of us and all the companies that are represented here today.”

Valerio Semeraro, CEO of Sicuro Food:


Sicuro Food uses blockchain for certification. They mean to help the farmers to be more efficient, save time and also to save costs. The company works directly with the food industry producers. They allow them to track all supply chain from farm to consumers. As there are strict regulations for food in Europe, they allow producers to meet all these regulations more easily.

 Valerio Semeraro, the co-founder and CEO of Sicuro Food came to NAMPO. He has developed and innovative blockchain-based technology that enables the tracking of materials and products throughout the production cycle by collecting information from all actors. Sicuro Food was born out of the need to rediscover the authenticity of local products and the need to be protected in the purchase of raw materials that can be certified with new innovative and avant-garde systems.

“I am Valerio Semeraro, CEO of Sicuro Food and today we are at Nampo 2022. We are here looking for new partners that can contribute to the growth of our companies, our producers. We want to connect the Italian and Eu companies with the ones from South Africa, especially the ones that want to implement new and effective way of company management. Here I found a very interesting environment and possible valid partners of our business. We are providing our companies a competitive advantage through the blockchain platform, that enables to bring a safety and guaranteed product to the consumer. Another business performed in our company is to develop the digitalization of the HCCP certification. Many thanks to SecPho and FoodPackLab for this opportunity.”


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